Big and Beautiful Toter Gets a Little Banged Up.

This big and beautiful Toter RV got banged up a bit all along the right lower side from bumper to bumper. The stainless steel cabin doors and bumpers are on order, but it may take a some time before they arrive. In the meantime, we should do a safety inspection full service.


Expert RV Fabrication is a Must!

Every week we’ve got some kind of fabrication work going on in our shop and most often its to replace cabin doors and the lower sidings. At first glance it may look like an easy repair, but the attention to details and expert paint matching is what makes the completed job top quality and up to factor specs.

Truck Camper is on the Road Again!

At Almaden RV, “As good as new” really means “As good as new”, and often our customers ask for upgrades while we’ve got everything torn apart. No problem! And for them, it becomes better-than-new when they come to take it home. This truck camper had a lot of damaged to repair inside and outside. No job is too small or too big for our awesome crew. We’ve got what it takes to do it right the fist time.

Travel Trailer Water Damage Gets Repaired

This Prowler travel trailer is looking as good as new after it was repaired from water damage. The owners noticed the floor by the entry was getting soft and had us inspect it right away. Good thing too, it wouldn’t have taken much more time for a lot more damage to spread. Luckily, the fix was small and fairly straight forward to repair. Now it’s time for another road trip!