Don’t Wait to Get Your RV’s Slide-out Adjusted.

Slide-outs have practically become a standard feature in RVs these days. They are easy to use and greatly increase the enjoyment factor, but occasionally, they need to be perfectly re-adjusted and aligned. This is Eloy at work making some minor adjustments to a slide-out. It’s a specialty job that he’s been doing for many years, and he has seen it all. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if your slide-out is not working perfectly. Let’s take care of it before you get stuck in a pinch. Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 10.36.28 AM


RV Gets a New Roof, Just in Time!

Re-roofing this RV is way over due. Hopefully, the damage is only from the sun, and the water has yet to penetrate the under-layers and roof structure nor the walls and flooring. Check with us before considering doing a job like this on your own. Installing a new roof on an RV may look basic, but in fact, it requires special knowledge, lots of experience, tricks of the trade and patience to complete a perfect job that will be long lasting for years to come. IMG_2505

5th Wheel Hitch Gets Repaired.

It’s important to check the welds that hold your hitch in place before hooking up your RV and heading down the road. This 5th Wheel hitch broke it’s connection away from the RV frame creating a vary dangerous situation. We’ve been repairing hitches for many years. So the solution for this one is to not only reconnect it to the frame, but we’ll fabricate and weld up some gussets to increase the surface area of contact to the frame and create extra shear strength so the hitch becomes one with the RV frame.IMG_2453

Leaking RV Toilet = Big Damage

A sad story with a happy ending. The toilet was slowly leaking and over time no one knew the better until floor started to feel spongy under foot. The owners turned the problem over to us and this picture shows is how extensive the damage was. The good news is that they have insurance and everything will be restored to better than new in no time at all!IMG_2401