Metal Roofs for RVs Need Care

While metal roofs for RVs may seem impervious to water intrusion, they are not. In the right conditions and with enough time a metal roof will begin to rust at the seams that connect the roof to other metal sections around the body. Another prime area for water intrusion are the joints that connect appliances, vents, antennas and such to the roof. These photos show water intrusion that rusted the seams of metal roofs on a couple RVs that we recently worked on. We carefully removed all rust and old sealant, and then resealed the metal seams and applied sealant around all attachments connected to the roof.
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Expert RV Body & Paint at Almaden RV

Painting a Motorhome is a job that should be left to the tried-and-true experts. Don’t be fooled into anything less. Painting RVs is a very different process and skillset than that of painting cars and trucks.

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Serious RV Water Intrusion Damage Will be Repaired.

We did a free roof inspection for the owners of this RV and found some evidence of water intrusion, but when we pealed back the roof we found much more water damage than expected. No worries though, we’ve repaired terrible water intrusion damage on many other RVs and we’ll be returning this roof to its original factory specifications.

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