Roadtrek Will Soon be Back on the Road.

Our collision crew is making speedy progress on this Roadtrek. All damaged parts have been removed and new parts are on the way. Bodywork and additional prep work to the suspension and such will be completed in about the same time the parts arrive. After that it’s time to carefully reassemble body parts and suspension. Then a thorough operations check for all functionality. Finally an all around quality assurance check to make sure everything is back to factory specs and ready to hit the road.IMG_3186

Roadtrek Collision Restoration.

This week we’re working on prepping this Roadtrek for collision restoration. The damages from the accident cannot be fully estimated until all broken and damaged parts are completely removed. Then we can take a better look at everything to see if there were any hidden issues or additional damages. The reassembly should move along fairly quickly, so we’re hoping to get this RV back on the road asap once all of the parts have arrived.Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.49.11 AM

RV Cabin Doors and Compartments Need Repair

It looks like this RV may have been in a turn when it took on some damage, which is a very common event for motorhomes. The worst of the damage is located at the rear lower section to the cabin doors and their compartments. Some parts will be replaced and the remaining will be refurbished. By the time the job is completed, everything will be perfectly restored to it’s original luster and function, and ready to go on another fun adventure. IMG_3025

Cab-over Restored to Factory Specs

Cab-over repairs and replacements are another very common sight in our shop. Our factory trained crew has perfected the process of restoring all types of cab-overs to their original factory specifications. Some owners even request modifications to the original design. Give us a call today so we can take care of all the needs for your home-on-wheels.

Ah… New RV Flooring, Feeling Fresh and Ready to Go!

From worn-out and outdated to a beautiful and stylish upgrade, give us a call today to see how quick and affordable it is to make your home-on-wheels feel fresh and new once again. New flooring for RVs is very popular and it seems like we’ve always got a job like this one in progress every week. You might be surprised with all the new flooring options we can show you on your next visit to Almaden RV.

Class C Cabover Overhaul

This Class C cabover overhaul turned out beautifully. The owners were surprised and delighted with the quick turnaround and attention to detail. The before pictures

shows the extent of damage that needed to be replaced with all new material. The teardown, prep and then putting it all back together to factory specs is a job that is best left to the tried and true experts. Give our shop a call today where making our customers happy is our number one objective.

Cabover Rebuilds – A Common Job at Almaden RV

It seems like we’ve always got a cabover in the shop that’s getting the cabover section completely rebuilt. Like this one, most of the framing needed to be replaced. After that, the exterior paneling is installed. Then it gets rewired for the running lights and interior lights. Once the job is completed, the interior will look brand new and the exterior will be all trimmed up, buttoned down and looking fabulous. Soon this cabover will be play its part in making more good memories.

Pro Guard Liquid Rubber Roof – Beautiful!

The new Liquid Rubber roof on this older Class A looks amazing. The old roof was in terribly bad condition which could have led to serious structural and interior damage. Now this RV has a long life ahead for making more great memories. Give us a call today to see if a thick coating of Pro Guard, pictured here, is what’s best for your home on wheels.