Keep an Eye on the Trailer in Those Turns

Here’s a trailer that caught the rear edge on something while in a turn and it severely ripped up the panel. It’s being replaced, but after the supporting members are straightened out. Then after the panel is installed all that’s left is to do is to caulk the joints and buff everything out so it looks as good as new.



Tow Truck Damaged Motorhome Before Tow.

This “Medical Care RV” came in last week for a big repair job. The Class A was wrapped in this beautiful Medical Care theme and was returned to the owner via a tow truck. Unfortunately, the driver didn’t have someone spot him while loading the RV and as the front entered the ramp the bottom dragged on the road so hard that it ripped the back end apart. Almaden RV has repaired may motorhomes with damage similar to this, so we expect to restore the Med Care motorhome to as-good-as-new status asap.


A Common Job for Almaden RV

Last week we prepped and painted two Class A motorhomes with damage to the cabins and wheel wells. This kind of damage is fairly common especially with newer drivers due to negotiating the length of the RV around a corner, which will sometimes catch the best drivers of guard. The good news is that most insurance companies will cover this unfortunate event and Almaden RV has tons of experience repairing everything and even fabricating cabin doors if needed to “as good as new” status.

Another Cabinet Installation On The Go! | Almaden RV

The owners of this Airstream designed the interior cabinets of their RV Trailer to look more modern than the original. Almaden RV has prepped the Trailer and pulled it into the shop because the cabinets have been completed, received from the cabinet maker and are ready to install. Looking forward to how this job will look when the cabinets are hung and everything else is completed.

Rotten RV Trailer Fixed Like a Pro | Almaden RV

Here’s a beautiful restoration of a seriously rotted RV Trailer.

The roof had been leaking for several years and totally rotted out just about everything underneath. The owner’s Insurance covered tearing out and replacing all rotted wood and some internal parts including Window, Insulation, all Trim, some Plumbing and Electrical. The Interior Paneling was saved and preserved for a longer life. The owner’s were truly surprised with how perfect everything looked, just like knew. 

Always a Pleasure | Almaden RV

Here in San Jose are some big hearted people who make up a small network of social services and organizations sponsored by the city and individual donations. Projects like this often come to Almaden RV for anything from mechanical to body repair, and in this case an interior remodel and a few upgrades were needed. Chris Caprino, owner of Almaden RV always manages to make some kind of contribution to important needs like this Class A that helps to bring relief and a smile to folks who may be down on their luck. What a timely and beautifully completed job!

Another Amazing On-going | Almaden RV

The front of this RV Trailer Repair is almost ready for it’s outer skin to be installed. It gets a newwindow, trim and sealer after that. The roof had been leaking for several years and totally rotted out just about everything underneath. Fortunately, all of the water damage was contained up front. Almaden RV makes fast work of jobs like this. Especially working directly with the insurance companies who trust the the word of this shop and the quality work they do for every customer.

Interior Design and Overhaul | Almaden RV

This is an older RV that is in excellent shape. The owners heard that Almaden RV were experts and remodeling RVs. They showed their RV to Chris Caprino, owner/operator of Almaden RV, and asked him what he could do with the interior. Chris said they could do just about anything you can think of and showed the RV owners some pictures of RV he’s remodeled in the recent past. The RV owners were delighted and left their old RV for an interior redesign and overhaul.