Color Matching RV Paint

After body-work, color matching is a most valuable skill that is the last process that can restore a damaged RV back to looking as good as new. A short amount of time in the sun, weather and environmental elements can alter the original color requiring color matching versus using the original factory color. It’s that extra skill and step that makes a good job fantastic!



Truck Camper Rear-ended, Gets Fixed.

This truck camper was damaged from a rear-end collision leaving the truck itself free of any damage. This kind of repair is a lot like the repairs you might see on a house. There’s wood framing, insulation, electrical, plumbing, interior walls and cabinets to repair. Once the internal damages are restored to factory specs, it’s time to wrap up the job with siding, trim, sealer and paint. When completed, this truck camper will look as though the collision never happened. Can’t wait to see the happy look on the owners face when they inspect it before they take it home.


Blow Out, Rips Out RV Trailer Subfloor.

Everything was going great until this travel trailer had a tire blow out. It’s one thing to get a flat, pull over, swap-it-out and head back down the road, but it’s much worse when you don’t know you’re running on a flat tire. It can quickly become shredded, tear out the subfloor and anything else in it’s path.

Frequently check the pressure of your tires because when the pressure is low the tire will overheat and eventually blow.


Safety Check Before Your Next Trip.

Having your RV brakes checked often is more than cost effective. Forgetting to have them properly inspected is easy to do when you’re on vacation and having fun. So be sure to bring in your motorhome and trailer after or before your next outing. We all hate breaking down away from home and away from the RV shop we love. Schedule a safety inspection today and we’ll take good care of you so you and yours can travel with peace of mind!


RV Body & Paint Skills are Different Than What’s Needed for Autos.

We hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July Celebration! We’re back at it here in the shop with all kinds of different jobs nearing completion.

Lots of people don’t know that the skills needed to accomplish perfect auto body and paint repairs on cars and small trucks are very different than that needed for RV’s and Trailers.

We’re delighted to have folks coming in from near and far to have their home on wheels returned to factory specs and original beauty, and others coming in for custom fabrication and awesome paint jobs.

Painting It Black!

We get all kinds of requests from our customers to customize their RV for Business and for Pleasure. Painting the outside of an RV is a big job, and painting it black is even more challenging. Dark colors, especially black, reveal imperfections in the body and the paint. We spent extra time in preparing for the paint and some additional steps in the painting process the get this Class C to look great. We were really happy that the owner was delighted with the transformation of his RV. 

Fiberglass Roof for a Class A

Replacing a roof on a typical motorhome is difficult and takes a skilled and seasoned technician to get the job done right the first time. This roof is not made of the common rubber roofing material used on most RVs, but is made of fiberglass. It was delivered in an huge large diameter roll that covers the entire length of the RV from one end of the roof to the other. I’m very happy with how well everything turned out and greatly appreciate the timely and perfect job my crew accomplished.


Roadtrek Takes a Beating!

The tear down of this Roadtrek posted last week has revealed significant internal damage. We’ll need to replace the rear wheel and rear suspension, differential, compartment boxes, part of the floorboard, some plumbing and electrical and the side body panel. After that, it will need a lot more little details flushed out and then off to paint, but when we’re done, this popular RV will be as good as new.