Almaden RV is Busier than Ever.

Today everyone’s working hard to wrap-up another busy week at the Shop. This year is already busier that last year. Here’s just a few of our jobs in-process and on the schedule for next week, and some we’re planning on finishing up in about seven days. Wishing everyone a great weekend!

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Monaco is Returned to its Beautiful Condition after a Front End Bash!

It’s always sad to see something beautiful bashed up, especially if it belongs to you. At Almaden RV we know how precious Coaches and RVs are to our customers. It’s their home on wheels and it’s their baby.  So, we intend on always returning our customer’s motorhome back to its original condition as soon as we can. This Monaco smacked into something that required a bit more than body work, but my crew completed all of the repairs on budget and on time. You can bet the owners were delighted with the results and so are we.


Another Busy Christmas Eve Week At Almaden RV.

We’re getting a bit of cold weather this week before Christmas, and my dedicated crew never misses a beat, rain or shine. I’m very proud of the quality of workmanship each person delivers at Almaden RV.  It doesn’t matter how difficult the job or schedule is, the knowledge and performance of my staff is next to none.

During the Holiday Season more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. And in this spirit we say, simply but sincerely,

Thank You and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

Chris and Kathy Caprino & Family and All the Employees at Almaden RV.

Beautiful Toy Hauler Got Extensive Water Damage Surprise.

The owners were shocked to learn how extensive the water damage was on their awesome Toy Hauler. They noticed a soft spot in the floor, but didn’t realize that the damage started way up at the window and traveled all the way down and across the floor to the other side. Luckily, they have good insurance that’s covering most all of the repairs. We’ll get this RV back on the road and in perfect condition in time for their next trip!


Rot Under the Skin

This week we’ve been repairing the front of this trailer from severe water damage. It’s easy to forget, but a yearly roof inspection is a must. In a short amount of time the seams in the roof of this RV took a beating from the sun and cold weather. It eventually cracked enough to let large amounts of water seep in and under the outer skin. Once inside, the water kept everything soaking wet and caused extensive rot damage. It could have been a lot worse, but this is still a fairly big job that will be quickly restored and returned to the owners in as good as new condition.


Re-roofing an RV

Re-roofing an RV is a big job that can only be completed one way, the right way. This one also took on additional damage when the roof was torn apart from hitting an overhang, ouch! But now, it’s as good as new with special thanks to our great crew!