Travel Trailer was Run Off the Highway and Jacked-Knifed

The owners of this very nice travel trailer took an unexpected off-road diversion at speed when another vehicle accidentally ran them off the highway. Gratefully, everyone’s ok after it jacked-knifed and came to a dusty stop, but the RV trailer took a real beating. It will need some bodywork, new J-wrap on the bottom sides, paint and the entire trailer hitch (bent up and cracked) will be removed and a new one will be rebuilt to be better than new and then securely mounted to the frame of the trailer. Give us a call today. Almaden RV says yes to the big jobs the other guys turn away. (408) 289-9442

Georgetown Gets New Ceiling & Roof

Last week we began installing the completely rebuilt ceiling and roof onto this beautiful Georgetown. Since then we’ve been working smart and hard to wrap up all of the details needed to finish this big job in time for the owners to take out on their next vacation. Stay tuned for the final pictures and transition pictures from beginning to end.

Winnebago Returns to Duty

Here’s some pictures showing the stages of repair for this Winnebago that was damaged by a pole and then repaired to it’s original form and luster. To the untrained eye, the damage was more serious than it may have looked. Creases and dents damaging straight edges and bends in metal require advanced skills to restore the metal to its original shape and form. Perfectly blending the new paint to the original paint especially on the same panel also requires great skills and talent. Give us a call today so we can talk about any RV Body and Paint repairs you may need so your motorhome will look as good as new. (408) 289-9442

RV Trailer Braking System

We’re completing the installation of all new leaf springs and brakes for this RV trailer. Once completed, the brake controller in the cab will need to be set correctly to make sure the trailer brakes are getting the proper amount of friction as the driver applies the brakes. Too much trailer braking will prematurely wear out its brakes, and possibly worse, and too little brake assistance may cause other problems as well as giving too much of the braking force to the vehicle towing the trailer. If you’ve got questions or concerns about the brakes on your RV, or wish to have them inspected so you can travel with peace of mind and confidence, give us a call today. (408) 289-9442 AlmadenRV.comIMG_3754

Winnebago Bodywork Almost Complete

It takes a lot of hard work and special skills to remove dents, especially restoring straight edges or bends in the metal. The common eye can detect the slightest flaw in a straight line, and that means the dent removal and preparation for paint must be flawless. After everything lines up perfectly, the door is removed so the door jam can be painted. Soon the parts will arrive, paint will be finished and we’ll put everything back together and get this Winnebago ready for quality inspection.

Toy Hauler and Water Intrusion

Water intrusion to the subfloor got the best of this Toy Hauler. The customers didn’t know there was a problem until things started to feel soft under foot. We will remove the flooring to see how extensive the damage is and to identify the source of the water intrusion. After that, we’ll replace the damaged subfloor and anything else that was compromised. Finally, we’ll carefully seal up the source of the water intrusion and perform our quality inspection. Then this Toy Hauler will be ready to hit the road for another fun vacation.

Rodents Destroy RV Plumbing

While in storage, the rodents had time to ruin the plumbing and some electrical in this nice motorhome. The owners were shocked and so unhappy when they realized the extent of the damage and then had to delay their vacation until repairs were completed. The damage was considerable, especially the plumbing. So this week we’re working hard to get everything restored back to perfect condition, cleaned up and ready for their next vacation. Some storage situations are better than others, but generally, pest control, moisture control and regular inspections are a must-do while an RV is in storage. Give us a call for more storage tips and help getting your motorhome ready for your next vacation.

Winnebago Meets a Pole

This Winnebago got too close to a pole and dented the right rear panel. If the damage was more extensive we’d have to remove and replace the entire panel. Luckily, our task is to keep the panel intact and pull out the dents. It won’t be long before we’ll be prepping this motorhome for paint.

Total Roof Rebuild for a Georgetown Motorhome

We’re back to work on rebuilding the entire roof for a beautiful Georgetown motorhome. We posted the removal of this roof a couple weeks ago. A delay in receiving parts and materials from the source often causes a hold-up in the repair schedule, so we’ve got to pick up the pace to get this roof rebuilt and installed in time for our customer to drive away on their next trip. The original aluminum frame was in perfect shape to reuse and it won’t be long before we lift up this rebuilt roof, set it down and perfectly re-connect it and all components to the RV. Stay tuned for more updates from this impressive and complete motorhome roof rebuild.