Cabover RV Restoration | Almaden RV

This Cabover RV received some heavy damage from a roof leak that went undetected for several seasons. It will receive new studs, insulation, window, all electrical wires and lights. Then new exterior aluminum will be installed with all the weather trim and soon it will look like new.

Cabinets Installation | Almaden RV

We’ve got the Airstream RV Trailer all ready to install the cabinets when the owner brings them in from their cabinet shop. They’ve been specially designed with a contemporary look that will match the rest of the interior. After installing the cabinets we’ll continue to refurbish the interior until everything is perfect.

It’s The Peak Season | Almaden RV

This is busy season at Almaden RV with RV’ers getting everything ready for their first trip since winter. In the background are two technicians replacing a damaged awning on a 5th wheel and another technician is preparing a roof for new calking on a class C.

Roofs on all RV’s get some of the most intense damage and fast from the sun and weather. Expert and frequent inspections with proper maintenance can avoid hard to detect water leaks that can not only seriously damage the RV roof, but also ceilings, walls and floorings. Replacing an RV roof is a big job that when completed correctly will bring many years of life back to the home on wheels.

Refurbishing Like A Boss! | Almaden RV

Almaden RV is restoring this old Fiber Stream trailer. It’s a big job requiring the separation of trailer from its trailer frame. The frame will be sand blasted, welds checked and repaired, rusted parts replaced and then painted. The axel and brakes are fairly new, but all of the plumbing will be replaced. The shell will be sanded, prepped and painted. All of the interior will be replaced and upgraded to modern standards. We’re looking forward to posting pictures of what this completed frame up trailer refurbishing job looks like!

Recommended By All Major Insurance Companies | Almaden RV

The driver of this Class C accidentally backed into a tree stump. Fortunately the damage was not too great, but a bit of unexpected damage was found underneath. Almaden RV has many years of experience working with Insurances Companies and is most often recommended by them for all RV repairs. The good news for this Motorhome owner is their insurance covered all repairs necessary to bring their home on wheels back to perfect condition.

Cabin Door Repaired | Almaden RV

The driver of this Coach misjudged the distance of a cement pillar when turning right and seriously damaged a cabin door. Some RV Body & Paint shops will order a new door from the manufacture, but this will often take several months to receive. So at Almaden RV damaged cabin doors are either repaired or fabricated to manufacturer specifications. Stay tuned to see how beautiful the repairs and fabrication turns out!

Windshield Experts | Almaden RV

It’s fairly common for vehicles that travel the road more than 100k miles to end up with pits and cracks in the windshield. That’s the case with this Class A. Many RV shops hire a third party glass company to replace their windshields and often without any problems. But, sometimes the frame of the RV that holds the windshield securely to the body has become out of square. At Almaden RV we take extreme care with sizing up this procedure to be sure the windshield fits perfectly so there will be no leaks and it will not become ajar or pop open a seal after many miles down the road.