American Eagle As Good As New

We just finished up with the body and paint repairs on this big and beautiful American Eagle. It needed some fiberglass and metal work for starters. Then color matching, painting and attention to all details to make everything look and be as good as new.

A New Crown All Around

We continue to have many roof jobs in process in our shop this spring. Some of these roof repairs are basic and straight forward, while others are much more involved. The roof on this Class A needed a lot of work. After some structural repairs, we installed new aluminum crown all around with a new rubber roof. After installing the A/C, vents, and then painting and caulking, this beautiful motor-home will be ready for years of fun in the sun.

Another Super Busy Week at Almaden RV

Our shop is super busy this week with big jobs ranging from RV body & paint, to fabrication work for fixing up cracked RV trailer frames and to repairing hydronic heat pump systems. No task is too small or large for our talented and hard working team. Give us a call today and let’s talk about your RV so we can get your home-on-wheels ready for fun and in time for your next adventure.

New RV Roof

We’ve been working on several big roof jobs lately. This one had lots of wood rot that needed to be removed and replaced. Extensive roof repair requires a lot of detail work and special knowledge that should be left up to the experts. Give us a call if you have any questions about inspecting your roof or what might be the best type of new roof for your motorhome.

RV Body & Paint for an American Eagle

This gorgeous coach, an American Eagle, took on some damage in the left front. We’re able to perfectly restore the cabin door and then will repair the fiberglass under the driver’s window. After that, careful color matching and expert painting will return this beautiful home-on-wheels back to it’s original luster.

Good Caulking Costs Much Less Than Bad

We removed all of the wood rot around the base of this cabover and everyone was happy that the damage was not too extensive. It didn’t take us very long to restore this cabover to showroom condition. Most often wood rot is difficult to notice until things begin to sag and come apart. So, always keep a sharp eye out for caulking that’s getting old, hard and cracking. In proper condition, caulking should keep everything sealed, dry and preserved.

5th-Wheel Slide-out is Out for Repair

The slide out on this 5th-wheel wasn’t making a snug fit when it closed. Adjustments to the controlling mechanism and track weren’t making matters any better, so we had to remove it to completely access, repair and realign all parts involved. If you’re having any issues with your slide out, give us a call today. We have years and years of experience tuning up and repairing slide outs, and most often we can solve what looks like a big problem in just one short visit. IMG_3244

RV Airbag Replacement Center

This Roadtrek’s interior is looking fabulous after the airbags were replaced. Almaden RV is one of the very few Authorized Airbag Replacement Centers for RVs in the South Bay. Give us a call today so we can take care of what your motorhome needs and get you back on the road in time for your next fun adventure.