Class A Gets a New Ladder + Bodywork & Paint

The backend of this Class A almost cleared the exit, but the right rear corner caught on something and nearly ripped up the back end. Luckily there was enough flex in the fiberglass that most all of the mounts were left in perfect condition and the remaining damage was not too severe. By the time the new ladder has arrived we’ll have completed the bodywork and it will be ready for paint.


Blown Tire Rips Out the Toyhauler Flooring

This week we’re busy with lots of RV Body, Paint and Repair work on a variety of motorhomes, toyhaulers and travel trailers. Most of these jobs are for collision restoration, but one, pictured, is a big repair job from a tire that blew out and then ripped up the flooring. Most often, incorrect air pressure is the culprit for tires blowing out on the road, but not always.

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RV Body & Paint for this Beautiful Aspire Coach

Last week we posted a close-up of the damage this beautiful Aspire Coach took to the edge of the roof as it was driven through an RV park. While we’re waiting on parts for the awning, body repair and paint are in process and soon to be completed. Thank goodness for insurance.

Almaden RV is a recognized and trusted authority withinIMG_5085 the RV insurance industry, so come by for a quote and check out the amazing collision work we accomplish every week.

Watch Out for Branches from Above

Driving a motorhome through an RV park is often not as easy as some may think. There are so many obstacles high and low, and from side to side for the driver and co-pilot to keep a steady eye on. The owner of this motorhome was confident that everything was in the clear until they heard a big branch from above begin to crush the edge of their roof. Fortunately they stopped right away and the damage was not too severe. The parts are on the way and will be installed soon. After some roof repair, body and paint this motorhome will be back on the road for another fun adventure.

Bullet Hole Repair for this RV

This is a bullet hole in the roof of an RV. The bullet was shot from a gun into the air during a 4th of July celebration. When the bullet returned to earth it came down with such speed and force that it punctured the RV roof, then the roof of the retracted slide-out and finally through the floor. Luckily, no one was hurt!

From bullet hole repairs and fabrication, to RV collision body and paint, and from remodeling to full Service & Repair, Almaden RV is a recognized authority that is ready to take care of all your motorhome needs, call today.

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Expert RV Collision Restoration + Service & Maintenance, Call Today

Here’s another RV that we’ve just received approval from the owner’s insurance company to begin repairing damage from hitting a stationary object. It doesn’t look too severe, but it will take a good bit of work to bring everything back to that original as-good-as-new look and operation.

We post a lot of collision restoration jobs, but we are also very busy with regular maintenance and service. Give us a call today so we can take care with what your RV needs before your next trip.

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