Roof Inspections Prevent Water Damage.

This motorhome is in great shape except for a leak from the roof that’s been running down the inside of this exterior wall for a good while. The damage may be extensive and require the entire wall to be reconstructed from the bottom up. Hopefully, the subfloor is not damaged as well. We won’t know the extent of the water damage until it is opened up fully and inspected. It really pays to have the roof inspected and re-sealed as needed. Non-the-less, this motorhome will look and be as good as new when we’re finished!


Blown Tire, Big Damage. Always Check Tire Pressure!

Alias worked long and hard restoring this Class-A from serious damage caused by a rear tire blowout. Internal damage can be very extensive depending on how the coach or Class A was build from the factory. Sometimes there’s wiring harnesses, hydraulics, fuel lines and plumbing that gets ripped out just in a few seconds. Be sure to always check the tire pressure before hitting the road. Over heated tires caused by low tire pressure can lead to a blowout.