Outstanding Crew at Almaden RV.

I’m proud to have such a highly qualified group of factory trained and hard working people. Everyone is proud of the the work they do and they always strive to out-do themselves. The energy in our shop is vibrant and positive. We enjoy any new challenges and constantly perfect any routines. I can’t say enough good things about my crew and the great job they do for out customers! ¬†Carry on…


Quick Repair of Serious Class C Cabover Damage.

Some of our customers find it hard to believe that we can repair what appears to be catastrophic damage to their RV, quickly and affordably. This Class C had some serious water damage over the cab, note most of the cabover has been removed and see our tech working inside. We have an eye for perfection and return to our customers an RV that looks as good as new with quick turnaround times. If in doubt, give us a call or visit us today for a no cost estimate. You might be pleasantly surprised and end up leaving it with us for repair.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 7.39.14 AM

RV Paint and Color Matching

This week we’re working on a Class A that backed up a bit too far and cracked up the left rear section of the their home on wheels. The prep work is almost completed and will soon go into the paint booth. Color matching is very important when blending a fresh factory color into the older paint, but not a problem in our shop. For many years, we’ve been the “go-to” business for RV collision repairs and refresh paint jobs.


Keep an Eye on the Trailer in Those Turns

Here’s a trailer that caught the rear edge on something while in a turn and it severely ripped up the panel. It’s being replaced, but after the supporting members are straightened out. Then after the panel is installed all that’s left is to do is to caulk the joints and buff everything out so it looks as good as new.


Tow Truck Damaged Motorhome Before Tow.

This “Medical Care RV” came in last week for a big repair job. The Class A was wrapped in this beautiful Medical Care theme and was returned to the owner via a tow truck. Unfortunately, the driver didn’t have someone spot him while loading the RV and as the front entered the ramp the bottom dragged on the road so hard that it ripped the back end apart. Almaden RV has repaired may motorhomes with damage similar to this, so we expect to restore the Med Care motorhome to as-good-as-new status asap.