Need a Slide-out Reconstructed? No Problem!

For older and sometimes newer motorhomes, it’s very common that RV manufacturers will no longer stock cabin doors, fiberglass moldings, siding, windows, and slide-outs. So, early on, we began fabricating what was either not available or that which would take too long to produce and be delivered from the manufacturer. Here’s a slide-out in process of being fitted back into the RV after it was fabricated in our shop from scratch.  When this job is completed, the Antaya RV will look as good as new!


Almaden RV is Busier than Ever.

Today everyone’s working hard to wrap-up another busy week at the Shop. This year is already busier that last year. Here’s just a few of our jobs in-process and on the schedule for next week, and some we’re planning on finishing up in about seven days. Wishing everyone a great weekend!

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 9.21.05 AM

Monaco is Returned to its Beautiful Condition after a Front End Bash!

It’s always sad to see something beautiful bashed up, especially if it belongs to you. At Almaden RV we know how precious Coaches and RVs are to our customers. It’s their home on wheels and it’s their baby.  So, we intend on always returning our customer’s motorhome back to its original condition as soon as we can. This Monaco smacked into something that required a bit more than body work, but my crew completed all of the repairs on budget and on time. You can bet the owners were delighted with the results and so are we.