RV’s Crunched Wall and Door Getting Repaired.

We’re just about ready to replace the siding on this one that nearly had it’s door ripped off. The collision also damaged some of the wood framing, but once that’s all replaced and everything is buttoned down good and tight, we’ll install the interior and exterior siding, door and trim. After it passes a thorough quality check, this RV will be ready to get down the road for another fun outing.

Overloaded 5th Wheel Cracks Crossmember by Hitch, Check Your Load Specs!

Sometimes RV’rs don’t know that they’ve been taking their home-on-wheels beyond its design specifications. This 5th Wheel literally started to come apart at the seams because the crossbeam next to the hitch cracked under heavy loads on too many rough dirt roads. We’re installing a much stronger beam and perhaps gussets to make this 5th Wheel stronger than before. It’s a good idea to check the load limitation specifications on your RV. There you will find the amount of weight the RV is designed to carry. Double check you estimates at the next weigh station just to be safe.

Affordable RV Flooring Upgrades

If you’re ready to replace worn out carpeting and flooring in your RV, it’s a good time to consider getting a quick upgrade instead. You’d be surprised how affordable it is to drive away with new and different flooring for your next vacation. We can install a wide variety of durable wood and tile products and even combine them with new carpeting in your layout design. Give us a call for details and don’t forget to ask about a quote to reupholster any worn furniture to match your RV makeover.