Ford Transit Gets a Pop-up Conversion.

This Ford Transit is getting a really nice and functional Pop-up kit installed. It’s got an electric motor that raises and lowers the unit from a closed watertight position all the way up to about and extra three feet above the previous roofline for lots of head room. Measuring everything two and three times was a must before cutting off the large section of roof!

Class A Gets New Flooring, Looks Awesome!

We receive many requests to remodel the interiors of Coaches, Travel Trailers, Class Cs, Toyhaulers and just about any home-on-wheels you might see out on the road or in a park. From new cabinets and sinks, reupholstering furniture and upgrading to a big flat screen TV, to installing awesome new floors like these, we do it all with that fresh factory look.

RV Quality Check Done Right the First Time.

This Suncruiser is getting it’s last Quality Check before the owners come to take it home. The QC is actually a very important process that many RV Shops fall short on. It’s the last chance to make everything just right before it hits the road again, but many shops are so harried to get onto the next job that they miss something important and end up getting the RV returned for a repair or touch up. That’s why completing a job right the first time is one of our top priorities.