An RV’s Roof Needed to be Resealed

We’re about to finish-up resealing the roof of this motorhome. The owners drove it in for an inspection and we found several areas of concern so they gave us the go-ahead to reseal the entire roof. Had they let it go for another season it’s very likely water intrusion would have created some costly water damage.

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RV Water Intrusion Damage, Avoid With Frequent Inspections

Sometimes a roof inspection reveals bad news, such as this picture showing water intrusion damage to the rooftop and perhaps down the side of this RV. The good news is that we’ll quickly make the proper repairs and then seal everything up to prevent any further water leaks from happening in the near future.

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RV Meets Steel Pipe Bollard

A yellow steel pipe bollard caught the left rear corner of this nice motorhome when it was exiting a gas station. We just got approval from the owner’s insurance company to begin the body & paint repair process. By the time the parts arrive we should have finished up repairing the wood subfloor and siding, as well as the fiberglas. After installing the new parts and finishing up fresh coats of paint, this RV will look as good as new and will be ready for another fun adventure.

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RV Cabin Doors Repaired, Painted and Ready to Go!

Here’s a good “after picture” showing the beautiful body and paint work completed in our shop last week. The cabin doors were badly damaged and needed to be carefully straightened. Returning everything to flawless functionality was next. Perfect color matching followed to make everything look as good as new. After a thorough quality assurance check, this sweet home-on-wheels will be ready to hit the road for another fun adventure.

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Almaden RV Expert Body & Paint

We’re finishing up the body and paint on this nice class A and the owners are delighted that it will be ready to take home tomorrow. Damage to the rear and sides of motorhomes, especially a long RV like this one are very common. So if it happen to you don’t feel bad. We’ll take care of every detail, from communication with your insurance company to restoring your motorhome back to its factory specifications.
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More Bodywork at Almaden RV

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year celebration. All the very best for everyone in 2020!

This well maintained motorhome came into our shop a couple days ago and needs some tender loving care. It looks like the required bodywork will not be too extensive, though we’ll keep a shape eye out for any water intrusion damage we can fix during this process. We will repair the cabin door and it’s frame, replace some parts then it will go to paint!

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