Banged-up Cabin Doors Get Replaced

Repair, replacing or manufacturing cabin doors is a very common activity in our shop. For this one pictured, we received the two replacements for cabin doors that were beyond repair. They’ve mounted up nicely and need a careful color selection for new paint to match the slightly faded color of the other doors.img_2825

A T-Boned Panel Van is Repaired.

This panel van was recently repaired and taken home. It was driving and looking like it was brand new once again, but you can see that it took some serious damage to the side. Restoring and painting the side panel, pictured here, to a flat and perfect surface is a tough job left for the best technicians. But at Almaden RV, jobs like this are common and don’t leave the shop until everything is just right.

RV Vinyl Flooring Never Looked Better!

This is wood-look vinyl flooring. It’s of 100% waterproof construction, durable and long lasting. This beautiful new floor is a light hardwood grain embossed and detailed surface to give this a unique wood looking authenticity at very affordable prices. Give us a call today to learn how you can quickly upgrade the flooring of your RV to that as good as new feeling and function!

Pro Guard Liquid Rubber Roof

We’re getting this roof all patched up, prepped and ready for a new liquid rubber roof. It will get a thick coating of a great product called Pro Guard. It’s made of EPDM, which is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing material communally used in the United States and worldwide. Folks are happy to know that Pro Guard is a non-toxic premium grade rubber commonly associated with food-grade rubber. It is non-allergenic and offers excellent ozone and weather characteristics. Check out the one we did last June. Give us a call to see if this is the best solution for your RV.

RV Fire Restoration

The firemen took no chances nor wasted any time removing a burning appliance from this beautiful motorhome. They gained speedy access by ripping off the locked front door, then cut free the appliance and completely removed it fro

m the RV. It could have been a total loss, but the firemen arrived in time and were well trained in putting out motorhome fires. The crew here at Almaden RV are also well trained, factory certified, and will quickly return this beautiful RV to it’s original luster and functionality.

Cabover – Overhaul – Water Damage Gone!

img_2811img_2802Don’t despair if you think the water damage to your RV is far too great to repair. You might be amazed, and many are, with the wondrous restorations we do every week in our busy shop. The type of repair pictured here is fairly common. After our certified techs are finished and quality checks are completed, this RV will be looking great and ready to take down the road for more fun and good times.

img_2796 2

Motorhome Get New Flooring

After we finished up all the trim the owner’s inspected their RV and were so happy to see how well the new floor looked. It matched the existing cabinets very nicely and uplifted the experience of being inside while enjoying life. Give us a call to hear how affordable, fun and quick it is to upgrade your RV experience with all new flooring.

Another New RV Roof

By the time this new roof is all buttoned up, it will look like it just rolled off the showroom floor. This one was a big job, but our factory trained technicians make it look so easy when it’s actually a bit tricky to get everything set perfectly. RV roof care is one of the most important items to keep in front of, so give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about your roof.img_2717