Almaden RV Completes Customer Trailer Work For Apple Inc.

A Mobile Lab For Apple Inc. Is Outfitted with Levelers at Almaden RV Repair San Jose

We got a call from Apple Inc to find out if we could install a leveling system on one of their mobile labs. It’s a huge and heavy 5th wheel trailer, but the job was not too big for our RV Repair, Auto Body & Paint Shop in San Jose to handle.

Almaden RV Parts department searched for heavy duty hydraulic levelers and had them shipped to our RV Repair shop in just a few days. Apple’s mobile lab was delivered and we got to work designing the placement of the levelers and the braces, which are needed to support the lab while the jacks are up and in use.

As you might guess, there were many different skills needed to get the leveling system to work flawlessly. Expert Motorhome Service and Repair skills were needed to install the wiring and hydraulic systems correctly and safely out of the way of debris and moving parts while traveling down the road. Expert RV Fabrication technicians were also on staff at Almaden RV Repair to carefully weld the levelers and their metal braces to the fifth wheel so that everything is perfectly safe for long lasting and reliable use.

After the job was completed a representative from Apple came to inspect the installation and operation of the leveling system on the 5th Wheel mobile lab. He was very impressed with how quick the job was completed as well as the workman ship in all duties needed for such a technical task. A demonstration of the leveling system proved that everything was working perfectly. Greatly satisfied, he hooked up the fifth wheel and drove it back to Apple Inc.

Less than a week later, Apple gave us another call to see if we could also do the same job on another 5th wheel mobile lab at our Almaden RV Body and Paint Shop in San Jose CA. That job was also competed on time and in perfect working order!

Almaden RV Repair, Body & Paint Shop in San Jose loves working with Apple Inc!

5th wheel repair san jose rv rv auto body

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