Cabover Repair Hack is Given to Almaden RV to Complete Correctly

At Almaden RV we take pride in completing every task and every job the right way, the first time. As you can see, there was an attempt to repair water intrusion damage on this Cabover, but after someone else failed to make proper repairs, we were given the job to do correctly. When everything is completed, it will be perfect and as good as new. Questions? Give us a call. We’ve got the answers you need. (408) 289-9442 AlmadenRV.comScreen Shot 2019-07-30 at 12.07.58 PM

Big Water Damage to a Big Beautiful RV Trailer

This big and beautiful RV Trailer not only took on some serious water intrusion to the roof, but also down the sidewall. The water delaminated the siding seen here with the ripples under the awning. We’ve got a big job ahead of us with lots of labor, material and some parts to get everything restored back to new. Fortunately, the owner has insurance to cover the repairs. We are a trained and authorized RV Repair Shop for most all RV manufactures and trusted by insurance companies. Give us a call, we’ve got the answers you need. (408) 289-9442

NSA RV Tow Bar & Braking System Installed on this Subaru

We just completed installing this NSA RV Tow Bar and Braking System into this new Subaru. NSA manufactures great products for towing vehicles behind motorhomes. Give us a call today to find out how affordable it is to setup your vehicle to be safely towed. Correctly installing an RV Tow Bar and Braking System requires a highly skilled Master Technician to seamlessly integrate the functionality and all of the safety features into the vehicle. When completed, the installation should function and fit the vehicle perfectly, and look as if it came from the factory.   (408) 289-9442

RV Trailer Making a Fast Recovery

This week we’re fast at work on this beautiful trailer that was accidentally run off the road. Alias has already completed the bodywork on this side and is now prepping for paint. Once the paint is completed there remains a great deal of work to get this RV back on the road, including building an all new trailer-hitch that was bent-up and cracked when the trailer jackknifed and came to a stop. From RV Service & Repair, Body & Paint to Remodeling & Fabrication, we can take care of what your home-on-wheels may need. Give us a call today. AlmadenRV.comScreen Shot 2019-07-18 at 8.36.02 AM

Travel Trailer was Run Off the Highway and Jacked-Knifed

The owners of this very nice travel trailer took an unexpected off-road diversion at speed when another vehicle accidentally ran them off the highway. Gratefully, everyone’s ok after it jacked-knifed and came to a dusty stop, but the RV trailer took a real beating. It will need some bodywork, new J-wrap on the bottom sides, paint and the entire trailer hitch (bent up and cracked) will be removed and a new one will be rebuilt to be better than new and then securely mounted to the frame of the trailer. Give us a call today. Almaden RV says yes to the big jobs the other guys turn away. (408) 289-9442

Georgetown Gets New Ceiling & Roof

Last week we began installing the completely rebuilt ceiling and roof onto this beautiful Georgetown. Since then we’ve been working smart and hard to wrap up all of the details needed to finish this big job in time for the owners to take out on their next vacation. Stay tuned for the final pictures and transition pictures from beginning to end.