Cabin Compartment Gets Restored This Week.

We’ve got a busy week ahead with lots body work and painting, floors to replace, and fabrication that will properly restore this rear cabin compartment that was damaged from a collision.


Big 5th Wheel Getting Lots of Repairs

This big and beautiful 5th wheel is getting lots of attention while in our shop. A new roof, front end damage restoration and lots of other body repair will put smile on the owner’s face when completed.IMG_2451

Leaking RV Toilet = Big Damage

A sad story with a happy ending. The toilet was slowly leaking and over time no one knew the better until floor started to feel spongy under foot. The owners turned the problem over to us and this picture shows is how extensive the damage was. The good news is that they have insurance and everything will be restored to better than new in no time at all!IMG_2401