Winnebago Bodywork Almost Complete

It takes a lot of hard work and special skills to remove dents, especially restoring straight edges or bends in the metal. The common eye can detect the slightest flaw in a straight line, and that means the dent removal and preparation for paint must be flawless. After everything lines up perfectly, the door is removed so the door jam can be painted. Soon the parts will arrive, paint will be finished and we’ll put everything back together and get this Winnebago ready for quality inspection.

Toy Hauler and Water Intrusion

Water intrusion to the subfloor got the best of this Toy Hauler. The customers didn’t know there was a problem until things started to feel soft under foot. We will remove the flooring to see how extensive the damage is and to identify the source of the water intrusion. After that, we’ll replace the damaged subfloor and anything else that was compromised. Finally, we’ll carefully seal up the source of the water intrusion and perform our quality inspection. Then this Toy Hauler will be ready to hit the road for another fun vacation.

Rodents Destroy RV Plumbing

While in storage, the rodents had time to ruin the plumbing and some electrical in this nice motorhome. The owners were shocked and so unhappy when they realized the extent of the damage and then had to delay their vacation until repairs were completed. The damage was considerable, especially the plumbing. So this week we’re working hard to get everything restored back to perfect condition, cleaned up and ready for their next vacation. Some storage situations are better than others, but generally, pest control, moisture control and regular inspections are a must-do while an RV is in storage. Give us a call for more storage tips and help getting your motorhome ready for your next vacation.

Winnebago Meets a Pole

This Winnebago got too close to a pole and dented the right rear panel. If the damage was more extensive we’d have to remove and replace the entire panel. Luckily, our task is to keep the panel intact and pull out the dents. It won’t be long before we’ll be prepping this motorhome for paint.

Total Roof Rebuild for a Georgetown Motorhome

We’re back to work on rebuilding the entire roof for a beautiful Georgetown motorhome. We posted the removal of this roof a couple weeks ago. A delay in receiving parts and materials from the source often causes a hold-up in the repair schedule, so we’ve got to pick up the pace to get this roof rebuilt and installed in time for our customer to drive away on their next trip. The original aluminum frame was in perfect shape to reuse and it won’t be long before we lift up this rebuilt roof, set it down and perfectly re-connect it and all components to the RV. Stay tuned for more updates from this impressive and complete motorhome roof rebuild.

RV Slide-out Subfloor and flooring Gets Replaced.

It was best to remove the slide-out on this RV to fully access and replace the subfloor and flooring back to factory specifications. Water intrusion was the cause of severe damage. Next, we’ll insert the slide-out, hook up and re-calibrate the mechanics and insure the unit slides in and out for a perfect fit and seal to keep out all the elements and keep in all the comfort. Give us a call today if you have any questions about the needs of your motorhome. IMG_3405

The Dutchmen is Ready Head Down the Road.

Here’s a couple “after” pictures of the previous post. It’s the Dutchmen RV, now beautifully restored and looking like it came off the showroom floor. Attention to details is one of our top priorities. This motorhome has passed our quality control checklist and is ready for the happy owners to head down the road for another fun adventure. From maintenance & service, body & paint, to upgrades and remodels, we do it all and get it right the first time. Give us a call today, we’re read to take care of what you need. Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 10.53.02 AM

Dutchmen RV Gets a New Rear Panel Section

This Dutchmen motorhome accidentally hit a stationary object while turning left. We were able to replace the damaged area with a full rear panel section and then blend the joints between the original and new siding above and below the window. So far, everything is perfect and now we’re getting ready for paint.IMG_3598

Expert RV Body & Paint at Almaden RV

We just started working on this motorhome that sideswiped an object at slow speed. So far, the damage doesn’t look too serious, but more may be revealed during the prep process. There will be some fiberglass and paint work ahead, but hopefully not much else. We’re also experts at handling the insurance correspondence and paperwork. Give us a call today so we can restore your home-on-wheels to factory specs!