Repairing RV Cabin Doors

One of these three damaged cabin doors are in very bad shape. Sometimes we have to order new ones, other times we have to manufacture a replica, but this time we should be able to straighten everything out perfectly. After a good paint job they will look as good as new.

Address: 494 Phelan Ave, San Jose, CA 95112


Don’t forget our free unscheduled roof inspections this month. Just drive in your RV and we’ll give it our expert roof inspection while you wait.

Free RV Roof Inspections

We’ve recently been giving free unscheduled roof inspections. For the RV pictured here the owners were very happy that we could quickly take care of and stop any water intrusion in time for this winter season. Till the end of next week, just drive in your motorhome anytime and we’ll give it a thorough no-cost roof inspection so you can have peace-of-mind that your RV is ready to take on what Mother Nature may dish out this winter. (408) 289-9442
494 Phelan Ave, San Jose, CA 95112

Fast Collision Repair for a Winnebago Class C.

The owners are delighted that we’re running ahead of schedule for the collision repair of this damaged Winnebago. After the teardown and frame rail repairs, we installed a new water pump, A/C unit, fan, radiator, serpentine belt, connecting hoses and wires and a few small suspension parts. All the body parts were delivered on time and then installed. We just completed paint job. Next up we will recharge the A/C, fill and check all engine fluids, align the front wheels and reset the ABS system. The final quality and ops check will take place early next week in time for the owners to take this beautiful Class C out for a weekend vacation. (408) 289-9442
494 Phelan Ave, San Jose, CA 95112

A Must do… Free Roof Inspections.

Check out this beautiful aluminum roof on this Winnebago. We just completed removing all of the old, weathered and cracked sealant and then resealed everything to be water tight and as good as new. This motorhome is now ready to hit the road and weather another wet winter season. For the next two weeks just drive in your RV so we can give you a free inspection and take care of what you need. Then you can travel with peace of mind and no worries about water intrusion sneaking into and damaging your beautiful RV. (408) 289-9442
494 Phelan Ave, San Jose, CA 95112

Winnebago Class C

The insurance company was quick to give us the OK to begin repairing this Class C motorScreen Shot 2019-09-25 at 8.55.15 AMhome. The tear-down went quickly and the right frame rail has already been replaced. Parts have been ordered and should be arriving today and tomorrow. Body and Paint are a totally different set of skills than that of mechanical and engine work. This is a big job that also requires expert project management skills to keep everything on schedule and efficiently completed on time. We’ve been doing collision repair jobs like this for many years and expect to quickly return this Winnebago to it’s original beauty and functionality. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Another Busy Week at Almaden RV

This week we’re cleaning up the bodywork on this nice Winnebago and getting it ready for paint. It looks like it got stuck in a tight place and then took on some damage on the way out, which is easy to do with some of those beautiful camping sights found across the USA. We’ve also got a bunch of other jobs and projects in process that need to be finished up in time for their owners to drive away by this Friday.

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Repair a Class A Passenger Floor Brace

This late model Class A has seen a lot of good times and a fair share of miles on the road. The passenger’s floor was sinking down over the front wheel and the problem was also making some unusual noises. A quick inspection found a metal cross Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 10.10.55 AMmember had cracked off the chassis. We’re finishing up a fabrication that is much more stronger that before. The floor has now returned to its original upright position and the near by body parts also mount and fit together correctly. Give us a call today where the experts at Almaden RV can bring life back to your motorhome.

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Too Much Grease Made the RV Brakes Fail

These brakes were accidentally over greased at a different RV service facility. The unqualified technician pumped so much grease into the RV wheel bearings that the brake pads and drums were also greased up, see picture. Afterwards while going down the road, the brakes overheated and failed. Fortunately, the owner was able to safely bring the vehicle to a stop and deliver it to our shop for proper repairs. Questions? Call today, Almaden RV is a trusted authority for all RV Services and Repairs.

IMG_4375(408) 289-9442