Another Cabinet Installation On The Go! | Almaden RV

The owners of this Airstream designed the interior cabinets of their RV Trailer to look more modern than the original. Almaden RV has prepped the Trailer and pulled it into the shop because the cabinets have been completed, received from the cabinet maker and are ready to install. Looking forward to how this job will look when the cabinets are hung and everything else is completed.

Rotten RV Trailer Fixed Like a Pro | Almaden RV

Here’s a beautiful restoration of a seriously rotted RV Trailer.

The roof had been leaking for several years and totally rotted out just about everything underneath. The owner’s Insurance covered tearing out and replacing all rotted wood and some internal parts including Window, Insulation, all Trim, some Plumbing and Electrical. The Interior Paneling was saved and preserved for a longer life. The owner’s were truly surprised with how perfect everything looked, just like knew.