Cabover Rebuilds – A Common Job at Almaden RV

It seems like we’ve always got a cabover in the shop that’s getting the cabover section completely rebuilt. Like this one, most of the framing needed to be replaced. After that, the exterior paneling is installed. Then it gets rewired for the running lights and interior lights. Once the job is completed, the interior will look brand new and the exterior will be all trimmed up, buttoned down and looking fabulous. Soon this cabover will be play its part in making more good memories.


Pro Guard Liquid Rubber Roof – Beautiful!

The new Liquid Rubber roof on this older Class A looks amazing. The old roof was in terribly bad condition which could have led to serious structural and interior damage. Now this RV has a long life ahead for making more great memories. Give us a call today to see if a thick coating of Pro Guard, pictured here, is what’s best for your home on wheels.