Refurbishing Like A Boss! | Almaden RV

Almaden RV is restoring this old Fiber Stream trailer. It’s a big job requiring the separation of trailer from its trailer frame. The frame will be sand blasted, welds checked and repaired, rusted parts replaced and then painted. The axel and brakes are fairly new, but all of the plumbing will be replaced. The shell will be sanded, prepped and painted. All of the interior will be replaced and upgraded to modern standards. We’re looking forward to posting pictures of what this completed frame up trailer refurbishing job looks like!

Recommended By All Major Insurance Companies | Almaden RV

The driver of this Class C accidentally backed into a tree stump. Fortunately the damage was not too great, but a bit of unexpected damage was found underneath. Almaden RV has many years of experience working with Insurances Companies and is most often recommended by them for all RV repairs. The good news for this Motorhome owner is their insurance covered all repairs necessary to bring their home on wheels back to perfect condition.

Cabin Door Repaired | Almaden RV

The driver of this Coach misjudged the distance of a cement pillar when turning right and seriously damaged a cabin door. Some RV Body & Paint shops will order a new door from the manufacture, but this will often take several months to receive. So at Almaden RV damaged cabin doors are either repaired or fabricated to manufacturer specifications. Stay tuned to see how beautiful the repairs and fabrication turns out!

We Did It, Like a Champ! | Almaden RV

Check out this 1958 trailer. It’s very cleans inside and out. We installed a new water tank and updated the plumbing. We also did some minor paint and body work and installed these two new entry doors.

The corner of this Class A we seriously burnt when a close by campfire grew out of control and started the tree on fire burning the Class A. Unfortunately, the damage was much worse than the original estimate. The back side and slide out and side panels were also in need of repair.

DIY Steampunk Trailer | Almaden RV

Dave Moult of Malmesbury in Wiltshire, England, an RV enthusiast built a teardrop trailer from scratch giving the DIY a whole new meaning. The way he worked on it to give it a unique meaning have set a new example on what could your imaginations do.
Sourcing old-parts from eBay or some other sources, this is the 6th trailer that he has worked upon. Working on the long weekends and hundreds of hours on this DIY project, this is amazing!
Let’s have a look:

Modern Comforts in a Retro Mod Camper | Almaden RV

Barefoot recently made this egg shaped camper, an RV with all the facilities that you can imagine. An egg shaped, retro styled camper having the top class features packs in the best in class experiences ready to serve you right away. A camper shell (likewise covering, and now and then topper, top, bed top, box top, or just shell) is a little lodging or inflexible overhang utilized as a pickup truck or car utility adornment. The lodging is generally made of fiberglass or aluminum, yet here and there wood, and is mounted on the pickup truck’s back bed. It more often than not covers the whole bed of the pickup truck, and is sufficiently extensive to be utilized for outdoors purposes. Despite the fact that utilization for outdoors may have been its underlying reason, it now appears to be regularly to be utilized for utility and capacity purposes – especially the assurance of load from the components and burglary.
The way this has been built and suiting the desires of the new as well as the older generations, surely turns heads around when this awesome RV passes by. Check out the exclusive images of this trendy RV camper sworn to give you that stylish rapt!


It is basically a shell on wheels, a complete package ready to roll in the comfort of the luxuries that you yearn for. Thank you Barefoot for an awesome construct!

Generator Problems? WE know what to do! | Almaden RV

Your generator faces a lot of pressure when subjected to severe working condition in an RV, the way it works and the load is surely a beating on the RV’s engine. It needs continuous maintenance and repair.
We al Almaden RV know how to work upon the generator problems that can come when you drive your RV around. The whole of the electrical systems plus anything which revolves with the working of hydraulics need the help of the generator so we have to extremely cautious about the working of the generator to the earliest and the fastest.

Your generator do needs reserved and consistent oil changes to run effortlessly without getting hot. RV generators ought to be drilled as often as possible.  A sticky deposit from old fuel lines can stop up the carburetor which can further clog down the parts. You should run the generator to warm the generator windings so that less pressure comes on the windings later on, counter soddenness hoarding, oil up your engine seals and prevent carbon create at lobger durations. Moreover you should check the breaker for a trek or a blown circuit if any case comes over. Ceaselessly advise your motorhome’s manual or a RV parts and organization store for your unit’s stack evaluations, to check between times and RV generator parts. We at Almaden RV have ensured aced experts who have handy involvement in Repairing and working on servicing of generators in RVs. Doing steady support to keep your RV generator running fittingly will save you thousands.

“Fantastic” Job | Almaden RV

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Almaden RV recently repaired one of the toughest jobs that a local RV repair shop can handle in the town, being a pioneer of RV repair and services in San Jose, we at Almaden RV repair know how to take projects perfectly and perform extremely well.

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This latest project comes from from the owners of an RV whose roof vents were left open accidentally and due to heavy rains, the water filled the RV rotting the floors and bottom of all the walls as well. The deterioration to the walls as well as the interiors made it seemingly impossible job but the way Almaden RV handled this job is truly commendable and indeed a “fantastic” one.

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