RV Tyre Changing – Almaden RV – RV Service

Step 1

Position one RV jack simply behind the back haggle other just before the front wheel. Make sure that the jack is “grasping” the casing of the RV.

Step 2

Raise the jack in the back until it reaches the edge.

Step 3

Raise the jack in the front until it, as well, has reached the edge. Presently raise it three more pumps.

Step 4

Jack the back jack three more pumps. Keep on alternating between the front and back jack, three pumps at once, until that side of the RV is sufficiently high off of the ground that the tires can turn unreservedly. Try not to raise it any higher than this.

Step 5

Utilize a torque to expel the fasteners holding the terrible tire set up. Put them aside in a protected place, since you’ll be utilizing them again as a part of a couple of minutes.

Step 6

Evacuate the terrible tire and mount the new tire. Supplant the fasteners and utilize the torque to fix them well.

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