RV Rear Camera System Upgrade – Almaden RV

Fundamental Facts you have to know before you begin


Your old Camera and Monitor framework is hard-wired and utilized a standard 4-wire link with standard (not smaller than expected) DIN connectors.

New camera frameworks tend to utilize 6-wire cabling to take into consideration more associations and controls to the back camera. They additionally utilize a DIN connector yet it is a “smaller than expected DIN” connector. Almaden RV makes sure your electrical systems are not effected by any modifications, our experts are very cautious when working on any electrical part as it is the backbone of your RV. one blown fuse can cause the situation to go haywire.

Remote Systems

There are truly many remote back camera/screen frameworks available however … . for most bigger RVs, semi-trucks and tow-truck/towed-camper frameworks the separation between the camera and the screen make dependable WIFI (remote) associations practically unimaginable.

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