RV Storage: Almaden Tips

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Best RV Storage ideas and tips

Finding the right RV storage solution for your recreational vehicle isn’t always easy. After all, an RV represents a major investment in terms of cost, time and long term maintenance so it’s important to make sure the storage facility meets your needs for safety, access and amenities. Learn how to select the best RV storage with this quick checklist:

  1. Inside or Outside?

    While outside RV storage is typically less expensive, it also exposes the RV to the elements. Rain, heat, UV/sunlight, hail and high winds can result in damage over time or during times of extreme weather. Indoor units may provide basic shelter or climate controlled options complete with full amenities but expect to pay more for the additional protection. Take time to crunch the numbers to see if the reduced cost of maintenance and insurance compensates for the additional storage cost.

  2. Space & Location.

    Look for an RV storage facility that provides convenient access and plenty of additional space for parking, pulling in and out of the unit and other common activities such as washing the recreational vehicle. It allows you to spend more time on the open road having fun while still making sure the RV is properly cared for and protected.

  3. Other Amenities.

    Electricity, lighting, water, drainage, trash, battery charging and sewer facilities are only a few of the additional amenities provided by some RV storage locations. If you don’t intend to use these services, reduce your cost by shopping elsewhere. On the other hand, many of these services help keep the RV in good shape and make it easier to plan an impromptu trip. Contact Almaden RV for RV Repair and RV paint for keeping your machine in shape. Once again, it pays to take the time and comparison shop for the features you desire most. Ask about long term storage discounts or upgraded amenity packages; many storage facilities are more than happy to reward a valued client especially during the ?off season? in your area.

  4. Insurance.

    Don’t automatically assume your RV is covered when in storage; ask your insurance provider about any limits that may exist and compare prices with the policy provided by the storage facility itself.

  5. Security.

    RV storage facilities have varying levels of security, beginning with a basic fenced parking area and going all the way through 24/7 on-site security with video surveillance. Verify that each unit has its own fire and security alarms in advance, then determine the level of security that best meets your needs, visit Almaden RV for the latest tips and best motorhome repair.

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    Contact Almaden RV for RV Repair and RV paint for keeping your machine in shape

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